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Bing Updated For WM

Bing just got an upgrade. The latest version I had (which was recent) was 5.0.11249.0 and the new version is 5.1.2010.3290. Those numbers sound like a big upgrade, so what’s changed? No freaking clue. I don’t know where the change log for this thing is, so it’s a mystery to me:) All I know is that when I typed in ‘weather’ last night I had to add my zipcode and that pissed me off. I just tried it now and it worked without a zipcode and it was not getting my location from GPS. I also know that I get a warning that my phone isn’t supported and pinch to zoom doesn’t work on an HD2. Anyway, if you want the latest Bing go to on your phone using PIE. If you find something good share with the community. oh and for some reason they list all the carriers except VZ…mystery?