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AT&T Now Lumping Phones & Tablets as Windows Devices


What’s in a name really? For AT&T it seems they’ve decided to eliminate all the fuss and just call everything running any modern version of the NT Kernel as Windows Devices. That includes the soon-to-be launched Windows Phone 8 devices and the tablets running Windows 8 and Windows RT. I’ve got to admit it does seem easier on the tongue and the last thing we need is for carrier salespeople to be fumbling over the platform names. Then again if you walk into your local carrier store and ask them what is the best phone they have will you be introduced to the Lumia 920, the HTC 8X, Samsung ATIV-S or just be told that the colorful phone they point to is the best selling Windows Device?

What does this mean for brand loyalty? Will this result in a shift from OEM to carrier loyalty? If so you got to think OEMs won’t be the least bit happy to have so much of their marketing dollars go to waste the moment a consumer walks into an AT&T store. Well at least AT&T is taking steps to let people know this version of Windows is new. Check the bold headline in the pick “Meet the New Windows”. You can even sign up for updates, alerts and special offers. It’s a start.