We can all rest a little bit easier as this morning AT&T officially announced the inclusion of the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 as part of their fall lineup.

Nokia Lumia 920 will come in-store in Red, Black and White. The Yellow and Cyan versions can be ordered online. Yes, the Cyan version is back after an overwhelming amount of customer feedback. Nokia listened to the feedback and made the right call although I’m sad to see the Gray version not included.
Lumia 820 will be available in Black only. No biggie as you can always use the chance to buy yourself a couple swappable backs in bold colors.

Source: Windows Team Blog


  1. Good news. This should shut a few naysayers up. And my guess is that Cyan will only be available on AT&T, at least in the US.

  2. Let me be the first to wish Nokia the worst, and kindly invite them to go f*ck themselves. Good luck wasting money on ads that say you’re better than the iTurd, while not coming close to selling as many.

    Obviously Samsung (with the GS3) and HTC with their 8X (unless they switch up) understand what’s needed to sell devices… get your shit on multiple carriers and offer it to a wider range of customers. Most people who leave other carriers for at&t do it specifically because they want an iTurd.

    So, yeah Nokia f*ck you.

    Yours trully, a T-Mobile customer.

    • Geez man, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel. I am some where between the 920 being the salvation for Windows Phone and it being a complete flop. I think it will be a brilliant device, but it is still too early yet and people are not going to convert from the iTurd to the 920 overnight. I predict WP gets between 5-7% total market share by 2qtr next year. Android will as always control the number one and the iTurd behind it making obscene amounts of money..

    • @Sean D.- I agree. I love what Nokia is bringing to the table bit this is just idiotic, at best.

      I get the feeling that Nokia signed this agreement before gauging the public’s reaction. There is no other way to rationalize this. I just unloaded a ton of Nokia stock and many others are too. Sadly I think they’ll go under before making their comeback. I’m on at&t so ill be picking it up but jeez this is stupid.

    • Its just a phone, not life itself. :)

      And I personally still see it being the best selling WP device in the US since Tmo and VZW are unlikely to push it as hard as at&t. And with China Mobile and their 600 million potential customers as well I wont be writing Nokia off just yet just because they dont conquer the US overnight.

      • Short term this is a big blow. Long term Nokia can set the stage for favorable negotiations with carriers if AT&T sales go well.

        @Doug-I was really hoping for WP market share to rise to 10% by 2nd qtr next year. If we could get all three flagship devices from HTC, Nokia and Samsung plus the solid midrange devices like the 820 and 8S then thats certainly possible. Now, i’m going with the 7% market share.

  3. Maybe I’m looking at this from a very biased POV, but their sales of the 800, 900, and 710 should have been more than enough for them to see that offering it to multiple carriers is smart.

    HTC only offered the HD7, and Radar to TMo. Then offered the HD7 to ATT before they released the Titan. Now they are willing (or so they say) to put the 8X on 3 of the big 4 in this country while Nokia isn’t? How do they expect to stand out that way?
    If ATT couldn’t convince people to buy 900’s before apple put out a “new-ish” iTurd there is no chance in hell they will push the 920 as much as the iTurd 5.

    If HTC, and Samsung can offer their flagship devices on multiple carriers then there’s no logical or acceptable excuse why Nokia won’t.
    And what’s worse is the exclusive apps that are Nokia specific… that makes me SMDH in MS’s direction because they above all else should be trying to flood carriers with the best of the best like android does.

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