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AT&T Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Data Plans for Samsung Galaxy Tab

AT&T customers planning on grabbing one of the Samsung Galaxy Tab from one of the 2,200 AT&T Stores on November 21st will have two new ways to Pay-As-You-Go for your Data Plan. The first is a $14.99 pay-as-you-go that is good for 30 days and covers you for 250mb of usage. The second is a $25 dollar pay-as-you-go for the same 30 day period that allow you up to 2gb of usage. AT&T will also allow you to automatically renew your monthly pay-as-you-go plan using a credit card or debit card.

If you use up all your data in a month AT&T will allow you to renew your data for another monthly fee. No discounts for more Data, just pay another monthly fee for whatever Data amount you purchased.

Of course you can always use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch Tablet on WiFi for free. The Galaxy Tab will come packed with some Froyo Android 2.2 goodness. Anyone getting the Galaxy Tab or are you waiting on the first Windows Phone powered Tablet? Of course there is the iPad too and as I understand it they sell pretty well. Shout out of you are asking for a Tablet for Christmas.


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