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AT&T Samsung Captivate gets update but not Froyo 2.2

attcaptivatefirmwareupdateAT&T  has releases a small firmware update for the Android Samsung Galaxy S device they call the Captivate. This is not an operating system update but is supposed to address a few issues with QuickOffice that will allow users to edit various Microsoft Office Documents as well as improve your voice calling experience. This is a small 12MB FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) update that actually started yesterday and will hit 15K users a day until completed.

Head on over to AT&T for more information here:


Software Updates and Maintainence Releases

  1. 09/21/2010 – Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) software update changing software version from I897UCJF6 to I897UCJH7.  A 12MB download is being pushed to Samsung Captivate owners starting on 09/21/2010 and will continue Tuesday through Friday at 15K customers per day until complete.  This is NOT an operating system update.  This update includes the following software updates:
    • Preinstalled software – QuickOffice for Android will allow users to edit various Microsoft Office documents.
    • Messaging – Exchange 2003 support, MMS and other messaging enhancements.
    • Voice – Improved calling experience.
    • Media – media scanning time improvements.
This firmware update is not intended to resolve all device reset or freezing issues, which may be caused by:

  • Corrupted files
  • Device memory becoming filled and leaving insufficient room to run applications.
  • Use of incompatible 3rd party applications on the Samsung Captivate.

Thanks Kristofer!