Yesterday Fedex dropped off a package from Verizon, in it was the Droid 2. I thought I would share the pictures with you, I guess you could call it an unboxing.Enjoy…

A USB style charger, USB cable, battery cover and battery and of course manuals come with it.

The Droid 2 very much resembles the Droid 1 I think..

It’s a qwerty slider.. must have that hardware keyboard…

It’s got a 5mp camera with dual LEDs for flash.

On the top you’ll find power/lock and audio jack, then on let side you’ll find USB port, then ont he right is the camera and volume buttons.

It comes with an 8gb microSD card pre-installed.

I liked the Droid 1, so I’m sure I’ll like the Droid 2. It might look similar but inside there have been some changes of course like 802.11N and a more powerful processor.

The battery isn’t charged, so sorry no pictures of the interface..



  1. I am getting this phone very soon bucseae my brother’s plan is over,and we are taking advantage of the buy one get one free offer. Thank you so much for this review, it helped assure me that I am getting a good phone (:I am really Excited

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