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AT&T Tilt II Now Loaded In System

I thought I would pass along a screen shot of the highly anticipated AT&T Tilt II which seems to now be loaded in the AT&T System. The AT&T Tilt II which is also known by many these last few months as the HTC Touch Pro II, has already been receiving lots of carrier love from T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. While the other US Carrier Versions are getting good press and attention, the AT&T Tilt II version is expected to come with Windows Mobile 6.5 as we saw here:

Having been critical of the AT&T Keyboard in the past, the years have taken their toll on me and I have grown used to the AT&T Custom Keyboard and prefer it to the numbers across the top versions the other US Carriers and HTC use. I also really like that fact that AT&T went with the HTC Touch Pro II Chrome Bezel look. Having used the Touch Pro II for a short time, the Chrome look is nothing short of spectacular. I know there will be a ton of finger print magnet complaints, but the HTC Touch Pro II really has some WOW factor to it.

So there ya’ have it folks, just another trickle of excitement leaked from the AT&T Juggernaut about our highly desired AT&T Tilt II. We are looking for another October release from AT&T on the Tilt II, which means this late in September, these ought to be caught in the wild more and more often. So keep your eye’s open and your cell phone’s camera handy and send us some AT&T Tilt II goodness caught in the wild!