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AT&T Tilt II Video Unboxing

It wasn’t an easy last couple of days let me tell you. After being on the phone and harassing every AT&T employee I could find, I finally found a Regional Sales Manager that got me taken care of last night at 5pm! I was absolutely geeked that I was getting the AT&T Tilt II today. There was  a slight problem though, AT&T Shipped it to the wrong address! So after all morning at Fed EX trying to figure out where it was and following after the Driver, I located my new AT&T Tilt II and headed back to the office where I shot the following video for you guys to get your mouth watering on the AT&T Tilt II!

First let me apologize for the crappy lighting, I was really pressed for time. I promise a heap more videos over the weekend and a full review by Monday. So kick back and relax as I unbox the New AT&T Tilt II by HTC, or otherwise known as the Touch Pro II!

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