dellstreakfroyoupdate1The Dell Streak has in every way exceeded my expectations. It is a solidly built device that is really the best of both worlds. The Streak operates very well as a phone, rather large, but call quality is excellent  and even avoids those dropped calls past devices experienced crossing over from 3G to Edge. The Dell Streak also has a big enough screen to make web browsing or anything else you want to do, enjoyable.

There was always one hitch with the Dell streak locked to AT&T. Android 1.6. Even with Android 2.1 fully launched Dell and AT&T launched the Streak with Android version dubbed Donut. And it wasn’t good. Mater of fact, it was terrible. Fortunately, if you were anyone else but and AT&T purchaser of the Streak, you have already received your OTA Update to Froyo. Froyo has made all the difference on the world.

So if you are one of the few remaining Dell Streak owners from AT&T, then your faith will be renewed as several leaks from Best Buy have all but confirmed that AT&T and Dell will be rolling out Froyo to you on February 1st, which is just the day before the launch of the Dell streak 7 inch Tablet goes on sale.

So the wait wasn’t all that bad was it? Okay, I won’t pour salt on the wound. But rest assured, if you have liked using your Streak before, then you are REALLY going to love it running Froyo! Stay tuned and we will keep you updated. Any Dell Streak owners out there that get your update, drop us a line!

[Streak Smart]


  1. Here I sit Feb. 1st. No update to my AT&T Streak. Surprised? No. Frustrated? Yes. Please let us know if any update comes and how to access it. Thanks!

  2. Yeah well we’ll see. I really like the device and have always liked Dell. However, I’m starting to dislike them after this ordeal. AT&T has always been trouble but I wanted the Streak so I guess I’m stuck.

  3. I would not hold Dell so much accountable at this point. They have rolled out their froyo update to everything but AT&T, and AT&T is friggin ridicules about getting updates rolled out. They hates them, and won’ts gives us our updates!!!

  4. Hey has anyone out there actually gotten the update. Im still waiting. I was wondering if anyone now how to unlock there phone and I dont mean the sim card or by using a rebel sim or even unlocking with IEMI. I thank you in advance for your help.

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