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AT&T updates its site to talk about the Lumia 920, including a new video still marked private

We saw Best Buy leak prices this weekend and we’re expecting AT&T to make pre-orders available for the Lumia 920 shortly. If you had done a search for the Lumia 920 earlier today you would have had a few false hits (where the search results in other products). AT&T’s site now provides direct hits for the Lumia 920 so they are making pages viewable now. Here’s a new page that was added:

Whether you are traveling, studying for midterms or just looking for a great deal on a new device, make sure you are doing it in style. Check out the video to learn more about the Nokia Lumia 920, HTC One X+ and other hot devices coming to AT&T this fall.

As of now the video is private but clearly they’re prepping for a launch…nd I’m anxious enough that I’m regularly checking their site for updates. I may be about to have two Microsoft products under preorder before the wee is up…