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AT&T’s Touch Pro II To Be Named Fortress

This is what we’ve been waiting for! The AT&T leak on what they will call their HTC Touch Pro II. And without further ado, meet the Fortress. I bet you are saying the same thing I am right? There isn’t any way this is AT&T’s version of the TP2! Well I’m thinking the whole thing is fishy too. So check out the leaked Internal document and then we’ll address all that is wrong:

  • Front Facing Camera
  • QWERTZ Keyboard
  • Missing AT&T Number pad on keyboard
  • Launch Date of May 25th 2009
  • Windows Mobile 7.x refresh awarded with Sept. 09 Launch Date

We all know that any AT&T device is not going to come with a front facing camera, the keyboard doesn’t even come close, the launch date is tomorrow which would make this the most guarded launch ever by AT&T, and there is no way that WinMo 7 would hit in September when WinMo 6.5 has not been released yet…. er……officially I mean!

So what does this all mean? Well, it means we may know the name, but not a whole lot else. We already knew that AT&T would release a TP2 version, so the wait will continue. Drop a comment on what you think and if the name “Fortress” will hold up.

Jump after the break for some more pictures and the AT&T Warhawk (Diamond II) that is also set to be released this summer!

via engadget