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Keep Up With Your Medicine With Prescriptions V2.0

prescriptions.2 prescriptions.1 Have you ever wondered if you have taken medicine too soon, or in what dose? We are all busier now than ever before and it has become harder to remember when you have taken your medicine last. At my house, we have small children and my son has had a lot of ear problems that has lead to fevers that can get quite high. Controlling that fever sometimes requires alternating both Tylenol and Motrin at different intervals. Well instead of guessing there is a new way to keep up with your medicine right on your mobile device! This new software released today is called Prescriptions v2.0 and has a lot of features to help your manage all your medicinal needs. Check it out:


Prescriptions also helps you to track any side effects encountered by the combination of medicines, including mood swings. You can also keep a list of all your doctors and the pharmacies you visit. See the guide for more information. With Prescriptions, you always have vital information next time you see your doctor. Prescriptions is also available for the LG Incite. Prescriptions Features: Store all prescribed medications. Store recommended dosages of medication. Store medication Information such as what is it used for and what are its side effects. Store information such as the Rx Number, Expiration, Number of refills and next Re-Order date. List all prescribed medications per Doctor. Track side effects each day using a built in journal including mood swings. Store pharmacy, doctor, and clinic information including location, phone numbers and hours of operation. Track medications taken each day. Use audible alerts to notify when it is time to re-order the medication. Prescription Guide Available. Sample Files are available.

Prescriptions v2.0 is available for the following devices:

Runs on WM2002, WM2003 WM203SE, WM5, and WM6. Touchscreen required. Runs best on devices with Typical screen size of 240W X 320H in Portrait mode. Must have either Activesync or Windows Device center to install. Guide is available at website: New version coming out soon for those with HTC models. Email me for specific models. TO INSTALL: Unzip to desktop computer, Open folder and execute setup.exe.

You can grab a copy free from or by heading over the the developers website that you can find here: grumpydragonsoft 

So don’t lose any more sleep over wondering if you had double dosed on your medicine or just plain forgot to take it. Check out Prescription v2.0 and take charge of your medical needs.