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Simmons– You are right. We are just complaining about Google for the sake of it.

You are right we are finding fault with Google for the sake of it. You are right. It is well known fact that Google keeps its products in beta state forever unless they pull the plugs. Yeah, yeah I know, Microsoft does pull plugs on its widely used products and Apple does that and everyone in the industry does that. And among Microsoft, Apple and Google, Google keeps its products in beta mode forever. And now they are into the practice of introducing incompatible stuff. Isn’t it one of the reasons why Microsoft was pulled over and issued pink slip for its dominant position in the industry?

I can give you a sample list of widely used products by small timers unplugged by Google making the consumers of those technologies stranded in a desert looking for water:

  • Hotpot
  • Google Checkout
  • Aardvark
  • Google Answers
  • Google Base
  • Google Docs (not integrated into Google Drive)
  • Google Browser Sync
  • Google Buzz
  • Google Directory
  • Google Dictionary
  • Google Desktop
  • Gears
  • Wave
  • Google Trends#Google Music Trends
  • Writely
  • Video Player
  • Voice Search
  • Google Apps Standard Edition
  • Google Sync
  • Google Reader – pulled out shortly
  • iGoogle – pulled out shortly
  • CalDav – pulled out shortly (Remember Microsoft is a small timer when it comes to Windows Phone platform and Google is doing its share to damage it by pulling out CalDav when Microsoft agreed to adopt CalDav. Yeah I know they have whitelisted users and Microsoft is one of them that could still use it, but given the fact that Google deprecates frequently how long this would work. Even though Google dropped Google Sync and stopped supporting EAS it is clearly showing who is trying to abuse their monopoly power).
  • and so on


Now when it comes to abuse its monopoly position on the Internet Search (of course ad based) and almost monopoly on mobile platform (Android), they started introducing incompatible stuff

  1. WebP (I thought only Microsoft only does bad with naming, but Google leads this with stink).
  2. V8 (it reminds me of vegetable juice)
  3. and so on

Yeah, I know Microsoft also introduced a lot of incompatible stuff and pulled plugs on a lot of widely used stuff and left the users stranded, but I think Microsoft had been pulled for this by various financially challenged nations to milk. I think Google dollars are working better than Microsoft dollars, I don’t say bribing, but lobbying successfully. If it were not Eric Schmidt’s internal connections with political parties, I think Google would have been chasing the monopoly case by now like Microsoft did in 90s and IBM in 80s for the abuse of power in the ad based searching, and almost monopoly hand in mobile platform.

Ok, I think I am done, now it is your turn.