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Auto Call Recorder 1.2 Released

Back in January we went through how to enable In Call Recording (ICR) on your Fuze. Well now the process has gotten a lot easier and streamlined. XDA member Slothie has used the knowledge and work that originally enabled ICR to create a simple application that’s installable as a cab that runs silently in the background yet detects incoming and outgoing calls. There’s an interface to let you choose the quality of the call, location of the recorded files and even an onscreen popup that lets you choose if you want to keep the last call you made after the call is made. That’s one of my favorite things – it’s automatically recording all of your calls but you can then choose to dump or save that file when the call is over (and don’t worry if you screwed up because it actually saves the last call until it’s overwritten so there’s a little bit of a fail safe here). This new version is cleaned up to remove some bugs and nits from prior releases and in my testing on a Fuze I don’t see any problems.

I’m using the latest AT&T stock ROM and it works and testing indicates this works on the Touch HD and Diamond (but that may require a registry tweak explained over at XDA). Of course, feel free to post your results here as well so everyone can know what works. It is reported as not working on the Tilt.

Please note that in some locations recording a call is illegal or requires consent of the other party. This site takes no responsibility for your use of this software and you should ensure it is permissible to record a call based on your location and use.

The download is available here from XDA and again, thanks to Slothie. I like this one and I see it coming in handy a lot.