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BGR Reviews and Loves The Touch Pro 2

The Boy Genius took the plunge and reviewed a European version of the Touch Pro 2 (so it’s missing US 3G). But boy did that genius love it. You know, I wanted to give a few snippets to show how much they love it but it’s tempting to just copy and paste the entire thing. OK, here’s a few to get your mouth watering:


The Touch Pro2 is probably one of the sexiest Windows Mobile devices we’ve ever seen.

And oh man, what a slide-out QWERTY it is. Shaquille O’Neal himself (also a very happy TweetGenius user, might we add) would have zero problems typing on this thing.

On a different note, have we mentioned how absolutely incredible HTC’s new soft keyboard is?

If there was a such thing as the world’s greatest, the Touch Pro2’s screen would surely be in the running

Volume on the in ear speaker was sufficient enough to provide audible call quality on the streets of New York City and our callers could hear us quite well, too.

This makes for an absolutely wonderful conference calling experience — it’s the best we’ve ever used on a mobile phone.

OK, that’s enough of that:) Head on over to BGR if you want to read the review in full but don’t do it with your credit card in hand or you may just find yourself holding a European unsubsidized TP2:)