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Avid Brings Big-Screen Moviemaking to the iPad

Y’know I’ve just had one of those days. I had a bunch of running around to do this morning, FedEx, post office, bank and grocery store. Got my stuff ready and left, went to post office first and of course everyone was getting passports apparently. So wait in line 25 minutes to ship one small padded envelope package. It turns out it cost more than expected and I go to pay and realize my wife never gave me my debit card back after using it last night. I have another one of course, but it’s not the one I use for shipping/selling things. So I had to go back home and get my card, then off to FedEx. I used the FedEx shipping calculator to figure the cost out, I even rounded up with weight and measurements and it ended up costing me $20 more than what it said I would pay so I basically ended up losing money on what I sold. Then I go to grocery store and they’re out of my coffee mate again. I know that had nothing to do with this post, but I just needed to rant and I think I feel better now. Read the PR to find out about Avid on the iPad…


Avid announced the release of its first video editing application for the iPad—Avid Studio, available immediately at the Apple App Store. Leveraging decades of experience working closely with the world’s leading movie and television studios, Avid has made the Avid Studio app for the iPad easy enough for first-timers, yet sophisticated enough for more advanced editors. As the first iPad app for video editing to offer frame-by-frame editing accuracy and access to all kinds of media, Avid Studio for iPad allows users to quickly and easily create and share exciting, highly professional multimedia experiences, wherever they want to. As a special launch promotion, the rich capabilities of Avid Studio for iPad are available for the introductory price of only $4.99.

“Editing enthusiasts can now use a mobile application that has our industry-leading video editing technology built into it—with the interactive capabilities of iOS—to help them make incredible movies at home or on the go.”

Avid Studio for iPad allows users to begin editing with ease by offering access to any videos, photos and audio already in their iPad library, or media that can be imported from iTunes, cameras and more. Users can then arrange clips in the Storyboard, make precision edits using the Timeline, and enhance their movie creations with high-quality transitions, effects and a soundtrack. They can then share movies directly to YouTube, Facebook and more—or export projects to Avid Studio software, where they can continue editing with even more advanced tools on their PC. In addition, editing enthusiasts can get started fast with an easy-to-understand how-to guide, included with the app.

Avid Studio for iPad comes with innovative features to help any movie enthusiast elevate their moviemaking, including:

Precision Editing Tools: Avid Studio for iPad is the only app to offer a unique combination of Storyboard and Timeline features, allowing users to arrange clips in the Storyboard, then edit like a pro with the precision of the Timeline, which offers frame-by-frame trimming capability. Avid Studio for iPad also takes full advantage of touch capabilities to offer a fun, easy yet professional level editing experience. For example, with a touch or swipe, users can easily resize and rotate a title directly from the preview window, among other functions.

Full Media Access: There are more creative options for editors, with access to all kinds of media—video, audio or photos—in their iPad library as well as access to media from devices via an iPad Camera Connection Kit (sold separately) or from iTunes or other sources. Users can also capture video and photos within the app for use in their projects. The app also automatically recognizes imported media that has been previously organized by albums, events, faces and more—providing fast, easy access.

Easy Video and Audio Track Compositing: Users can unleash their creativity by dropping one clip on top of the other in the Storyboard to create a picture-in-picture effect or take advantage of the professionally-designed animated montage themes to layer their photos and videos, all included. Multiple audio tracks also allow for easy layering of music, audio and sound effects to create movie soundtracks.

Export to Avid Studio for the PC: Avid Studio for iPad also offers a bridge to the power of the desktop by offering a direct link to Avid Studio software (for PC). Customers who use Avid Studio PC desktop software can continue editing their projects with additional powerful features including sophisticated photo and video correction tools, unlimited timeline tracks, an impressive collection of included content and more.

“More and more users are relying on mobile devices for media content creation, viewing and sharing, and we’re proud to deliver a feature-rich new app that takes powerful Avid technology and adapts it specifically for the iPad. Now video editors have a great, powerful and fun way to create movies and tell their stories,” said Tanguy Leborgne, vice president, creative enthusiasts products and solutions at Avid. “Editing enthusiasts can now use a mobile application that has our industry-leading video editing technology built into it—with the interactive capabilities of iOS—to help them make incredible movies at home or on the go.”

What Users are Saying

“As a content producer, I can tell you that a video editing app like Avid Studio for the iPad is a breakthrough. Avid is the industry leader in the field of editing. Being creative and having trust in your tools is essential. Whether you’re new to video editing and animating a series of family photos, or a seasoned professional working on a music video for the “next big thing,” having a robust editing tool in the mobile environment is a must. The technology is here and the time has come with Avid Studio for the iPad,” said Michael Dixon, Founder of Stormnet Media, a leading production company creating innovative content with credits for Olivaylle Australian Olive Oil, Oprah Winfrey Network and America’s Got Talent.

Pricing and Availability

The Avid Studio app for the iPad is available worldwide today from the App Store for a limited-time introductory price of $4.99. All prices listed are USD. For more information, please visit

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