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AT&T Fortress To Be Released Soon As The Tilt 2?

Well any news is good news when you are dealing with AT&T. With announcements from just about every US Carrier that they will be supporting the HTC Touch Pro II, the biggest US Carrier AT&T has been hush hush presumably riding the wave of the iPhone 3Gs that was recently released. Our own network of spies have been reporting back that all of the AT&T Stores have pulled the Fuze from the store displays creating some optimism that information on the Fortress would soon be emerging. Well, we were right, but this information is only interesting in that the name of the AT&T version of the Touch Pro II formerly thought to be the “Fortress” may have been a code name and that the “Tilt” brand would return. So today BGR’s highly skilled combat Ninja’s acquired an AT&T Document that the Tilt 2 is in the Pre Launch sheets.

So while I have been struggling to figure out a name for the next niche website to support the HTC Touch Pro II, it appears I might be in luck and a little “recycling” could be in order! Tilt Mobility is still getting our regular readers coming to it daily, and the Tilt/TyTN II is still a very current and functional device with loads of Custom ROMS and Development being done yet with it. So here is a question I hope I can get some of our readers input on, and that is, how would you like to see us go forward and with what website? For those of you that are new to our websites, we currently service the AT&T Tilt and HTC TyTN II on Tilt Mobility, and the AT&T Fuze and HTC Touch Pro on Fuze Mobility. Everyone knows that devices usually last about a year before they are updated to a newer and better device. And since we opened up Forums to support our community, I obviously could not change the domain name of the forums  on a yearly basis. So I decided to create a parent website that would be the backbone of everything we do and rename our Forums as well. So I called this new website Mobility Digest and then called the Forums the Mobility Digest Forums. Articles on Mobility Digest range from just about anything Mobility, but mainly center on our passion for Windows Mobile Devices. So that brings everyone up to speed and to my question to our readers. What website would you like to see the HTC Touch Pro II supported on? I shell every use this occasion to create a poll! (We all love polls right?) Having said this, I also registered another domain name and have half heartedly been working on completing it. HTC Mobility was a thought I had that would allow us to stay focused on the Touch Pro II, but also allow our writers to branch out and get other, but still similar devices like the Touch Diamond II, and the HTC Touch HD. So please have a look at the poll and please feel free to drop a comment and let us know what you think. If you have a comment that you don’t want to publish, feel free to email me at I’m happy to hear from our readers and find out how we can improve our websites. Thanks again to all our readers and we are really looking forward to the future of Windows Mobile Devices and a community that supports them!

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