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Badass Epitomized

Remember my bit about the helicopter you could fly with your iPhone as if it were a game, noting that it would be supremely badass if it had sick range so you could do some crazy shit with it? Well these guys stole my idea with a combination of balls, finesse and a Youtube account by conducting an aerial tour of Manhattan, complete with buildings, bridges and Statue of Liberty flybys, using an electric RC airplane outfitted with a camera, a bunch of receivers and wicked transmitters, what I imagine is a pretty expensive remote control, a lot of battery juice and an apparent knack for sweet-talking the NYPD while piloting aircraft simultaneously. And now they’re famous (well, in the RC world at least).

Fullscreen this sucker and enjoy:

If you’re curious how they did it so you can do the same in your city (I recommend Washington DC for adrenaline enhancement), here’s their thread. Except for coping with signal angst and law enforcement challenges perhaps, “It’s a bit like a flight simulator, only easier.” Just be sure to bring a fat wad of bail money.

Doug Simmons

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