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How To Extend The Life Of Your Device Cables

Everyone has mobile phones now and most of us are even sporting tablets and the one consistent thing for all of them is they need to be charged. If you are an Apple fan like my family is, then you have undoubtedly gone through your fair share of charge cables. My biggest problem has been the frayed end of the cable like this:


This always happens at the worst times and we have all tried to use them as long as possible before replacing them. Well here is a little tip that may extend the life of your cable from the misuse we all put our cables through. Check it out:


Simply add a ballpoint pen spring to the cable which resemble the nicer and more expensive garden hoses to keep them from doing the same thing, wearing out prematurely. Check this video out for how to apply the spring to your power cable. It seems this would work for any power cable as well not just apple so all the Android or Windows Phone owners out there that are not wirelessly charging can trick out their power sync cable as well.