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Bake A Pizza…In your Pocket




Bbonzz has just released Pocket Pizza which lets you make a pizza on your phone. It’s just like making a real pizza. First step is spreading some flour, then the dough comes out and you need to stretch it out. Then you can start to add ingredients and you get to choose where they are placed (so you can do mushrooms on one slice only:)). Once you’ve made your pie you need to bake it (and yes, it’s a brick oven with moving flames) and the ingredients will come out of the oven looking baked.  And of course, then it’s time to cut the pie and you can choose the number of slices to cut it.   And of course, with Bbonzz there are great visuals throughout the app. It’s a novelty app but I know some of you probably routinely make your own pies at home and this is a good way to do a dry run or you can also use it to see visualize what you are ordering before you call the pizza store to place your order.The free/light version only lets you add the ingredients to make a margarita pizza. The pro version (available for a small donation) has eighteen additional ingredients. And it’s available in VGA, WVGA, QVGA and WQVGA. The download is available here. Thanks Bbonzz for another satisfying app:)