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Ballmer leaks 500 new features in Windows Phone (Mango)

Steve Ballmer was busy over the weekend at the Japanese Microsoft Developer Forum 2011 and buried in his presentation was a comment he made about the next version of Windows Phone and that it would have over 500 new features! Ballmer also said that the Mango event which Mobility Digest will have our very own Ramon Trotman at reporting live that they will announce new carriers and OEMs as well as some Mango development tools that would come shortly after tomorrow’s announcement.

Windows Phone sits on the precipice of something very huge and I think tomorrow’s announcement could vault Windows Phone back to a true consumer contender with the likes of arch enemies Apple and Google. Microsoft’s only Achilles’ heel could lye in it’s past track record of execution. Ballmer illustrates this by saying it (Windows Phone) came to market a year later than he “wished it had”. But the platform is out now and rolling out updates has got to be job one for Microsoft. New exciting devices with an updated Mango OS by Christmas could make for a very good year for Microsoft in 2012 indeed!

Check out the video below for the words right out Ballmer’s mouth and stay tuned for Ramon’s reporting from the Mango announcement tomorrow once again held in New York!