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View and control your mobile device using your desktop computer screen, keyboard and mouse with Pocket Controller-Pro.

V6.02 Build 1438 Update:

Performance – Remote Control performance has been enhanced to consume less bandwidth and be more responsive. CPU usage has also been reduced considerably
Windows Mobile 6.1 Support – Added full support for Windows Mobile 6.1 devices
Image Auto Capture – Added new option to automatically save device screen images when a screen change has been detected
Quick Capture – Added keyboard shortcut to save a device screen image to file without any prompting. Also added ability to play a sound when a device screen image is saved
Zooming – Added capability to zoom the device screen to more precise levels
Task Manager – Now displays CPU usage for running processes
Command-line Scripting (DOS) – A selection of advanced scripting commands have been added to the remote DOS Box
Hardware Support – Added support for a broad range of new devices
Device Applet – Connection security settings for Pro can now be edited via the device side applet (touch-screen devices only)
Assorted Fixes – Assorted minor improvements, adjustments and fixes

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