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Beautiful Ovision Underwater iPhone Case Video on Reef Builders

One of my many hobbies and interests other than mobile tech has long been saltwater aquariums. I have had many and since moving this last time, I have not started a new one. However, even though time and mostly funding have prevented my desire to start a massive 100+ gallon salty tank, I still follow multiple websites, forums, and YouTube channels like Reef Builders.  So when I saw this underwater iPhone case by Ovision showing off in a beautiful 30 gallon saltwater coral tank I thought I would share both passions with you. The Ovision case is still in Kickstarter but there are MANY other cases to choose from to show off your salt water aquarium or any other water adventure you might have. Check out the video below and enjoy the beautiful blue actinic accents the corals kick out and drop a comment if you like salt water aquariums and underwater mobile cases and your experience with them. Personally I am way to OCD to take my iPhone under water. LOL





The Ovision housing was designed to transform your iPhone into a Professional underwater video/photo camera!

Note : The Ovision housing is now compatible with iPhone 5C.

Introducing the Ovision underwater housing for iPhone

We are proud to introduce you to our new product, the Ovision iPhone underwater housing. I know you might think that this is probably ‘’another iPhone housing’’ but it isn’t. Our housing is professional-grade, ergonomic and comes with our custom Ovision application which enhances user-experience.

In fact, we are currently at our 3rd version of this housing, which is now with a sleeker design and more functionalities. This unique product will let you bring your iPhone to new depths. It has been designed to transform your iPhone into an underwater video/photo camera. Take it with you while you are snorkeling, diving or when you are in any harsh environment.

We designed and manufactured a user-friendly and ergonomic system based on the undeniable high definition of the iPhone’s camera. This housing can accommodate the amateur as well as the professional scuba diver wishing to share their underwater passion.

The rubber cushion and bumper will hold in place and accommodate the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The mechanical buttons will let you use the main functions of the photo/video camera of your iPhone with our custom application.

The housing has been tested to a depth up to 91.4m/ 300ft in a pressure tank but can surely go further.

Kickstarter page for Ovision Case

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