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Some Best Buys have short supply on iPhone 4S

I just got back from my local small town Best Buy and all they got in was a very limited amount of 16GB Black iPhone 4S. They did not receive any White, 32GB, or 64GB versions. This left a few disgruntled people this morning as you can well image. Listening to the staff, they were saying the second wave of iPhones from Apple were not due to hit until the end of the month, October 31st.

While I got there early, there was no real need as most of the preorder folks and walk ups got there at 7:50am. The corporate AT&T Store was very busy as well as the franchise AT&T stores we have. There has also been a lot of reports of Sprint stores loaded with first time iPhone buyers. They obviously taking advantage of the unlimited data plans that Sprint obviously has at least for now. I am still grandfathered in on the unlimited AT&T plan and intend on keeping it until they pry it loose from my cold fingers after they kill me, or put the breaks on my data by throttling it.

Did you get the iPhone 4S today? Drop a comment about your experience.