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Beautiful WM Panoramic World Cup Application Available

I know I’ve been pretty heavy on WP7 lately so let’s step back…just a little. Here’s an app that will install on your WM 6.5 and earlier device but it utilizes the WP7 panoramic user interface and transitions – and once you try it you’ll see why WP7 is great because you’ll want all your apps to look like this:) Just swipe across the top bar to go between pages and you can tap and scroll throughout pages. I think it’s the best looking an performing app I can think of – everything is fluid and looks great. Want to see it in action for yourself?

So it doesn’t follow the Metro theme and design of WP7 and some other features are usability different but I don’t think any of that takes away from what he’s done here. This is aesthetically a phenomenal app and as a World Cup app it’s got all the info you care about without being mucked up with crap. Check out for more information on the devs work and the download link is there as well. It’s free but there is a donate link…if you’re into World Cup this has to be worth a beer to the dev.