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I Told You My Reception Wasn’t As Bad As Theirs

There’s no end to the commercials and litigation surrounding the networks and whose is bigger and better. For some time I’ve said that I never get dropped calls on my Fuze with one notable exception – if I speak to someone who is using an iPhone the conversation will get cut off before 5 minutes…and they refuse to acknowledge that the fault lies in their perfect phone. Like most people, they blame AT&T whose network has been hit from all angles recently. Well the NY Times ran an article this weekend with some independent data about the networks. Quoting:

“The results place AT&T’s data network not just on top, but well ahead of everyone else. “AT&T’s data throughput is  40 to 50 percent higher than the competition, including Verizon,” Mr. Carter said. AT&T is a client and Verizon is not, he added.

It continues: “In every market, AT&T had faster average download speeds and had signal strength of 75 percent or better more frequently than did Verizon.”

So why all the bad publicity? Well there’s a certain phone that AT&T sells and it apparently has some issues. Again, quoting:

Roger Entner, senior vice president for telecommunications research at Nielsen, said the iPhone’s “air interface,” the electronics in the phone that connect it to the cell towers, had shortcomings that “affect both voice and data.” He said that in the eyes of the consumer, “the iPhone has the nimbus of infallibility, ergo, it’s AT&T’s fault.” AT&T does not publicly defend itself because it will not criticize Apple under any circumstances, he said.”

So just to recap – AT&T may not be that bad after all, and if you want to use your phone as a phone be happy that you’re reading FuzeMobility and not iPhoneMobilityJ