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Best Buy, Amazon Pricing HDMI Cables for the Lulz

You get what you pay for, right? Then why would anyone go to Newegg and grab an HDMI cable for three bucks when Best Buy’s selling three feet of Direct-Silver-plated perfection for a cool $1095.99? Got your attention now big guy? Well sorry chief, they’re sold out! 🙁

Now to all you Negative Nancy skeptics who say all HDMI cables are the same, feast your eyes on the consumer reviews on the product page which will change your tune, like these:

TheDudeino from NY writes, “This is the best cable ever! I was so impressed by the 2160p picture and 3D sound I sold a kidney to buy a second one!”

HDValueGuy, who cautions to “keep it straight or you get kinks in your electricity,” writes, “This cable is a great value. Seems to work at least as well as the $5 cables you can order over the internet. Hope to see an upgraded version in sterling rather than silver plate. Highly recommended!”

LouieRock’s tear-jerking story should resonate with those of you from Main Street:

My house recently went into forclosure and i needed something to cheer me up. I walked into the nearest best buy with the intention of just browsing and not purchasing anything. I was approached by a beautiful sales woman who said i looked very depressed and needed an HDMI cable in my life. She showed me the most expensive one they had. I explained to her my situation and she informed me there really was no point in paying my house since i was gonna lose it anyways. This made sence to me and i skipped my house payment and bought the cable.
As i waited at the bus stop i couldn’t wait to tell all my friends. I found the nearest pay phone and called my friends collect. They were even more excited than me! The next day i was evicted from my house but was invited to stay over my friends for the weekend because they wanted to use the cable to watch sports games. “Wow the picture quality is simply amazing” said my friend. “You can stay here as long you want as long as we keep using this great cable of yours”. I now have a permanent home without an expensive mortgage payment! I’m just thankful i found this cable! I don’t know where i would be without it!

Once I read one Wolfenstein 3D enthusiast’s review, I had had enough foreplay, it was time to get my ass to where it’s going for a still-reasonable $2694.75! Oh wait let me boldface that for you bargain-hunters: $2694.75!!!!!11

Wow is all I have to say… I have a Miracle Monochrome 19″ CRT Display. I was told that with one of these majestic cables, I could easily upconvert the images to HD on this bad-boy… Man were they right. This saved me thousands I was going to have to spend on a new television. I just connected this HDMI to an HDMI to VGA splitter and BAMM!!!! This is the best image ever displayed on a 19″ CRT monitor…. Holy cow these images are so life-like… I feel that this investment is so good, I won’t even need to upgrade my Packard Bell 286 computer. Wolfenstein looks so real on this, I just don’t know what to say… The Germans look like they are really coming at me!

What’s great about it: Germans look real
What’s not so great: Almost too real

Hey, before you get all cheap about Amazon’s slight markup, maybe I should mention that theirs includes an ethernet connection which presumably is also plated with something awesome.

Free shipping bro, free shipping.

Doug Simmons