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Herm’s Software Presents: Eggs (freebie:))

If you’re an old man like me you probably remember those handheld lcd games you used to buy for a few dollars that were minigames (yes, before PSP existed:)) Well Herm has brought one of them back from the past. The game is simple – you have four onscreen buttons to press (see, no D-Pad, no problem:)) and as the eggs fall down from the chicken coup you need to catch them before they fall. if you drop 3 you lose. I recommend playing it with the volume on since it’s easier to know when a ‘catch’ is made and yes, you can catch more than one egg that is falling at the same time if you’re fast enough:)  If a bunny is on the screen (he’ll pop up in the top left corner) when you drop an egg  then you’ll only lose half a life for a drop. You also get an extra life for breaking 200 or 500 points.

Like all of Herm’s games expect it to be easy to play, finger friendly, fun and fully developed. This is compatible with VGA (Touch Pro) and QVGA (Tilt) resolution devices but older devices (like the Tilt) need OpenGL software in which case just drop libGLES.CM.dll from Herm’s site into your Windows directory to get it to play.

Of course, if you appreciate his work (and yes, these things do take a lot of time to put together) don’t forget to buy him a beer or two:)  The download can be found here.