In one of the quietest launches Microsoft has undertaken since Windows Phone 8 became available to the public late last year, Microsoft has delivered on its promise to back port Internet Explorer 10 to Windows 7. A post made to the Internet Explorer blog yesterday morning details the availability of IE10 worldwide and Microsoft’s plans to upgrade current IE users through the coming weeks, with users of the IE10 Release Preview already scheduled to receive the update.

Among the highlights, the IE team emphasizes a significant performance boost for Internet Explorer over version 9; an improvement Microsoft claims makes web pages load up to 20% faster. In addition, IE10 for Windows 7 provides an update to the browser’s JavaScript interpreter, rendering engine, and enables the same improved hardware acceleration as available with its Windows 8/RT counterpart. And I can’t neglect to mention that a spelling checker is finally available, making it just a little bit harder to troll YouTube with offensively misspelled comments.

If you check Windows Update you will not find an update for the browser you love to hate. You can find more information about how to upgrade your Windows 7 PC to IE 10 at


  1. I downloaded it on my work laptop. Meh, been using it on my Dell Ultrabook since it came out but I always find myself gravitating back to Chrome.

  2. It is out for XP. You can get it at your local Best Buy for $299. Its called Win8 w/Pentium Processor.

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