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Yahoo Shutting Down Services Most Didn’t Know Existed

If you thought Yahoo, under the guidance of mercenary in exec clothing, Marissa Mayer were playing around you’d be mistaken. In the latest move to right the good ship Yahoo the company has decided to shut down services that couldn’t answer yes to this one question.

"the most critical question we ask is whether the experience is truly a daily habit that still resonated for all of you today." – Yahoo Platforms executive vice president Jay Rossiter

Each of the listed services schedule for shutdown on April 1st couldn’t meet that condition and so it has to go. Gone are Message Boards, Avatars, Sports IQ, Clues, and the Yahoo app for BlackBerry. This gives Yahoo the chance to focus more on services that matter.

Are any of you going to be affected heavily by the shutting down of any of these services? Let us know and drop us a comment below.

Source: The Verge