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Big Bad Carriers Taking Aim At Android Army Rooting

If you own an Android and have rooted or run a custom kernel in an effort to maximize that delicious slab of hardware you’re holding in your mits beware.  Word has dropped recently of the carriers taking aim square at you because, well, you’re playing with their money.  Carriers aim to sell you new handsets especially Android users who seem to flock at the next greatest thing from a month to month basis.

Here is the gist of the article: “In a nutshell: Verizon and other major carriers have worked together to develop ways to track rooted phones and phones running custom Kernels. Once a phone is identified, new firmware currently being developed will allow the phone to be disabled. The customer is then on the hook for paying the ETF.”

This leads me to believe that the reason AT&T customers recently got the cease order concerning tethering and applicable charges if not is a manifestation of the carrier security program.  Looks like the movement just got a lot harder for developers who are seeking only to improve their user experience because they are lumped in with those who simply want to steal resources.  Too bad because the talent and passion coming from the developer community is awe inspiring.

Darn you carriers!!!!!!

I wonder if/when this came to pass the effect it might have on Android’s market push.  I’m curious what you have to say so drop a comment and let your voice be heard.

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Full Source Link: Manufacturers Unite To End Rooting