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Big Brother is Indeed Watching You: The Spy Side of Social Networking

I came across an interesting post over at  ZDNet and thought it would be nice to share. See original post HERE.

The CIA will soon have nothing on the social networking watchdogs. Teneros has launched a product that is designed to let a company monitor its employees’ social networking activities. Not that employers who wanted to see what employees past and present might say about them – but it would have been a labor intensive job. Now its automated – employers can discover and monitor their employees’ Facebook and Twitter posts and tweets – with more sites promised (YouTube, MySpace, and LinkedIn, for example).


Not that I spend all day at work networking but I find it gives me a nice break from the mundane day-to-day duties. I do find my self checking my Facebook and Twitter on my phone quite often throughout the day. Now I see this “Want to grouse about your job? Your manager? Don’t use your PDA, cellphone, or laptop to do it if you don’t want it discovered.”  Aim I being watched and what can I do about it? Actually do some work?

I thought it would be interesting to here from our readers on how much they social network throughout the working day. And if your that corporate CEO, what are your thoughts?