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Big Mac And Some Wifi Please

I know that some of you lack a data plan and you rely on things like wifi to get data on the go. In the past you had to rely on AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots to get wifi access but that required a qualified plan and other conditions. Well McDonald’s just opened up the floodgates to wifi by providing free wifi in 11,000 of its US locations (out of its 14,000 US locations with wifi). This is obviously a direct shot at Starbucks who offers free wifi through AT&T with restrictions, so this access for free and without strings is surely a relief to some. The change goes into effect mid-January. So from then on you can get a McSomething and the internet for a buck…not bad at all. So, will this lead you to spend more time at McDonald’s?

For more information and locations of McD’s hotspots check out their website. via MSNBC