I think Microsoft is the company that hates itself the most. I mean, isn’t the point of being a large corporation with an ecosystem that you’re supposed to use it? I know about that pesky monopoly thing but now it seems like they spend their time promoting third parties. Today Bing is giving away a free song just by providing your email address. How do you redeem it? Through Amazon of course. What about Zune? No deal.

Someone should tell the people at Bing that if they want to promote music then at least have a Bing option. I know when they give away mobile games they forget about Windows Phone…maybe they used Bing, the decision engine, and decided that the rest of MS was baggage for them…who knows?

This is US only but click here if you want a free song from Amazon.


  1. I found that strange too, but not unusual for MS. We’ve witnessed it a lot. Might be because they are SO big and their divisions have individual licensing deals with so many different entities. Never got a song off of Zune or Amazon, but thanks to the Bing team I can say I have now with Amazon. :\

    Oh, and to add even more irony, I had the song automatically installed to my iPod Nano.

  2. I also found it strange when the Zune option appears in the list, but they point you to Amazon. Though I’m happy because I was able to buy a song for free that Zune doesn’t include in the Zune Pass, nor offer for sale using MS Points or credit card.

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