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Bingle Maps–Bing and Google Maps in Harmony On Windows Phones

This is an interesting app that just went live (for free). It’s a map app that can pull maps from either Bing or Google and you can swap between the two. And that’s only the beginning:

Bingle Maps is a full featured map application. Other than the commonly desired features like Search, Routing and Itineraries, it allows you to drop unlimited personal pins and synchronize them with your DropBox account, not to mention that it also integrates with Google Maps.
– You can choose to use either Bing Maps or Google Maps.
– Tap your current location to drop a pin.
– Hold down on anywhere else on the map to drop as many pins as you like.
– Hold down on a pin to move it.
– Tap on the pin to expand it.
– You can easily find directions between pins and current locatoin with the “from” and “to” button.
– When editing a pin, tap the name “my pin” on top to personalize the name.
– Browse and quickly navigate between pins, search results and route points through “Layers”.
– Send your pins and search results to others via sms or email.
– Synchronize your pins online via DropBox.

I briefly tried it and despite feeling dirty with Google on my phone, it’s a pretty neat app. I need to ticker with it to figure out how to get the directions to appears like it does on their site but I’m keeping it installed in any case to see where this goes.