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Blackberry 2011 Updates

Well the good ol boys at Boy Genius Report got some interesting details on some new Blackberry’s that will soon be hitting the market.  First up is the upgrade to the Curve, codenamed “Apollo”.  Nothing too fancy or aesthetically different on this one.  Just some more horsepower and added memory along with OS 6.1.  More than likely will be my next phone.  sigh..

Next up is the Torch 2.  Almost identical in looks, just made it a 1.2ghz cpu with hardware acceleration.  This is looking like a Q3 launch.  Again nothing earth shattering.  Starting to see a theme here aren’t we?

So far RIM just likes to version up their phones just a little.  Next comes what might be considered a major revision which is the announcement of the Storm 3.  This bad boy will have the highest resolution of any Blackberry so far (800×400).  Will also be mobile hotspot enabled.  The phone will be 3.7 inches so they are trying to position this one with current smart phones.  Except by the time this comes out in the 3rd qtr all of the good phones will be 4g and again RIM will be behind the curve as this is only 3g.

Last but not least the Bold is also getting an evolutionary update as it will be called Dakota.  This one looks to be the best of the new BB’s that are coming out this year.  As I was reading through the comments one in particular was quite funny.  These phones would have been really sweet in 2008 but alas it is 2011. 

The one good thing that Blackberry is doing this year is NFC implementation.  In essence what this means is that you can hold 2 Blackberry’s next to each other and transfer settings and other info.  In the future the one thing I could see a lot of companies using it for is Key Access to buildings.

So that in essence is Blackberry’s 2011 offerings for the phone landscape.  I really hope that the Playbook offers something different or like I have said in the past it is going to be a long and rough year for RIM as corporate users will start to demand different options for their phone needs.


via BGR