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Blackberry Black Friday Coming Up

Blackberry CEO John Chen from a blog post possibly in reference to this thing:

This is why I want to make you aware that, right now, we are pursuing legal action against a party who stole confidential information about a future BlackBerry product and made that information public. This person falsely posed as an employee of one of our carrier partners to obtain access to secured networks.

I’m trying to make sense of this. Is the CEO “trying to get out in front of” someone else revealing that Blackberry’s own operational security fails routinely with these leaks no one takes seriously when the thing other than the iconic physical keyboard that they tout is their security in general, or is he, like with the iPhone keyboard, genuinely all fired up about this allegation? Is Blackberry trying to paint themselves as a victim as they continue downhill?

My guess is that this is either an attempted Streisand effect for whatever was leaked, or they are about to file a quarterly (March 28th) and they want to “wag the dog” because it will be a bigger bloodbath than expected and may contain a major milestone like having their current liabilities exceed their current assets, which is when people start talking bankruptcy, not iPhone strap-on bootleg keyboards and leaked screenshots.
Or he’s incompetent, wasting time on this blog post when he’s got bigger fish to worry about. Or he’s venting, lashing out, knowing he’s going to have to lay off thousands of folks soon or worse. Or maybe they suddenly started making a ton of money and he’s being cocky before we find out about it Friday.
Whatever, who cares..
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