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BlackBerry store handling

Just finished spending a couple hours visiting local best buy, at&t and Verizon stores. Sells are not going well. They are hitting sales expectations but only because they are so low. I’m talking 1-2 devices sold per day is the expectation. Much was made of Verizon apparently promoting the Z10 a lot better but that has not been the case in my experience. Best Buy had both AT&T & Verizon versions powered off and dummy screens showing. The sales rep didn’t know anything about the Z10 and referred me to another sales rep since he had just bought one. AT&T reps pitch it as a device that’s good if you do alot of emailing. Even then none of the few I talked to feel comfortable recommending the device over Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. Verizon reps saw me playing with the phone and just left me to my own leisure without ever asking if I needed help. There were about 15-20 people in the Verizon store and none even stopped to notice the Z10. The placement of the Z10 was smack in between a bunch of Android phones like the Droid Razr M and Galaxy Note II. Verizon did have a large wall above it showing the Z10 but Windows Phone, Android and Apple had the same with each of those three having an entire section dedicated to them complete with other devices like tablets and accessories for their ecosystems. I find it curious that not one report has come out that gauges the Verizon and T-Mobile launch sales. My opinion right now is that Windows Phone has momentum both in the apps and sales side. BlackBerry is looking like a niche product for the business sector with a lot of people waiting on the Q10. I think the Q10 will outsell the Z10 3 to 1.