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BlackBerry X10 leaked images offers hope

YES! RIM still knows how to be RIM. Never mind those silly looking all screen Blackberry 10 developer devices we’ve been seeing, this X10 is what I’ve long been expecting from Blackberry. From the looks of it, this seems to be a mid range device with Blackberry’s untouchable physical keyboard antics. This is what will make the comeback of the once mighty Blackberry a little more believable.

As you can tell i am plenty excited to see a proper picture of the X10, but what excites me more is the over all gloss of the lock screen. For those of you who have had the pleasure to own a curve for work, you know the awesomeness of its simplicity (just don’t venture into the menu system) and super easy to us keyboard, but it always seem to suffer from the bland BB OS and lock screen. Blackberry 10 seems to give some nice “class” to the mid to low end device lock screen, which in turn will help us all feel a little less “cheap” about our cheap devices! Lets go RIM!


source n4bb