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Bluetrek Crescendo – World’s First Bluetooth Headset with Online App Store Upload

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Crescendo, the award winning best in class NoiseLock™ noise cancelling Bluetooth headset from Bluetrek Technologies, has launched its on-line “Talk2Me™” App Store to allow users to upload applications and enhance usages.

“We will continue to expand the applications on the “Talk2Me™”

Applications available today on the Bluetrek Crescendo online Talk2Me™ App Store include free direct access voice related services applications, languages firmware versions and optimized audio tuned firmware version for the several mobile platforms.Bluetrek Logo

The voice related applications include Personal Handsfree Assistant service via Dial2Do™ that can read your emails and allows you to send and reply emails and send texts by your voice. It also offer Bing411™ voice search engine direct access for information of stock, sport scores, flight schedule, news, weather and more, local traffic information from the 511 hotline. The “Talk2Me™” App Store offers various languages applications, to allow the user to change the voice command and voice prompts language by uploading the respective language. English and French languages are available on the store now, and more languages including German, Spanish, and Italian will soon be available. User can also upload a firmware version specially tuned audio for the mobile platform he is using including for Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and more…

“We will continue to expand the applications on the “Talk2Me™” App Store to enhance user experience of the Crescendo headset,” said Henri-Nicolas OLIVIER, Bluetrek Technologies’ CEO, ”to make it the perfect partner for smartphones and demanding users.”

About Bluetrek Crescendo headsetBluetrek-Concerto

The Bluetrek Crescendo is the first Bluetooth headset in the world pre-installed with the  Bing411™ call out application, and capable of reading and sending your text message and email by your voice with the Dial2Do™ voice texting application. Its superior NoiseLock™ technology, which effectively eliminates all the background noise in environments of up to 85dB (the average noise level on a busy street downtown) as well as reducing wind noise, ranks it as one of the best noise cancelling headsets in the world, according to independent test reports. In addition, the voice of the incoming call is intelligently equalized to optimize audio legibility at the user’s end, thus enabling crystal clear communication on both ends of the mobile phone, thanks to Crystalline Voice Technologies™ Moreover, the headset is installed with voice prompts to guide the user and help him make the most out of it. The voice command function recognizes more than 95% of American accent English without prior training required. Users can even pick up calls through voice command to the headset for a truly handsfree experience.

The headset is designed in a subtle yet fashionable finish and is predicted to become the best friend of all busy executives.

To learn more about Crescendo and listen the benchmark audio clips, visit