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BodyGuardz Review For The AT&T Tilt

bodyguardz Have you been looking for a good way to protect your AT&T Fuze? Will if so, then BodyGuardz might just be the ticket for you. The BodyGuardz for the Tilt is:

BodyGuardz are a clear film that covers the body and screen of an AT&T Tilt 8925, these protectors are made from the same material that is used to protect the front of automobiles from stones and other abrasive elements.

Tough and durable, you can be assured that your AT&T Tilt 8925 is protected by BodyGuardz. Easy to apply, BodyGuardz are designed to offer full body and screen protection to your device while letting the beauty and design of the device shine through. BodyGuardz are optically clear. The protection remains transparent without distorting the dimension or design of your device. Whether it’s keys in your pocket or that occasional drop, BodyGuardz will protect the exterior of your AT&T Tilt 8925 from scratches.

So our buddy Kristofer over at Test got his hands on one and put it to the test and did a great job as usual reviewing it. In the nutshell, Kristofer sums it best in his Pros and Cons:

Good protection for your phone
Kit includes two sets
Non-slip grip
Clear, almost like it’s not there

Takes a lot of time and patience to apply
Must wait at least 12 hours to use device after applying
Changes the look and feel of device
Didn’t quite fit my phone, needed trimmed a bit

I would have added to the Cons that $24.95 is a bit high in my opinion, but the fact of having to wait 12 hours would have also been tough. To read the rest of the review, head on over to Test and check out the rest of the review. There are a lot of pictures that show you the installation process.

You can pick up a BodyGuardz for $24.95 at their website