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SBSH GoNews Touch Released

Reading RSS feeds is a great way to pass the time with your mobile when your computer is not around.

To do it easily, and still enjoy it, you need your mobile to have a good RSS reader. One that will be finger friendly, load the images and cache them, and support offline work.

SBSH GoNews Touch is a News & RSS reader which does a great job making news reading easy and fun. It also includes one killer feature which is the ability to follow either simple RSS feeds or read complete web-page articles using special templates that will bring the experience of RSS into every simple websites (even the ones that doesn’t support RSS!).

Using their already known user interface design form SBSH Calendar Touch, GoNews is extremely simple and intuitive to use and completely finger friendly.

The main screen presents the list of sites you are subscribed to. Each item includes the icon of the site which is a good visual indicator. The view displays the number of unread items out of the cached ones. It’s a pretty straight forward.

The menus in the bottom will take you back to the bites list or forward to each item.








Selecting a site will take you to the list of all available feeds.

the cool thing here is that each item includes a small thumbnail of the image associated with it.

It’s a great visual indicator – not sure how much you can see with such a small image, but if you look closely at the screen-shot in the left – it’s good enough to tell hint about the content and images of he post.


Selecting a post will open the body of the post including the image which was cached in advance, and the entire text. You can still navigate forward and backswords from this screen so there’s really no need to go back to the posts list.

Adding a new site is simple, but requires that you know the RSS URL, there are just a few RSS Readers that know how to automatically turn a regular URL into the RSS URL.
At the moment this is a small limitation.

There are many additional features in this great software such as changing the font size, configuring automatic update, change the cache size and more. But I think that the one that really impresses me is the ability to work with none RSS sites which means that this tool can read not only blogs but also websites that does not support RSS or ATOM. Cool! (Read more about this feature in here).


GoNews is a very strong RSS Reader. The user interface is well designed: it’s finger friendly, it brings a convenient navigation between pages and channels, and it spoils the users with cool thumbnails which may seem useless but they are not.

With a powerful engine that will not only read RSS but also cache regular websites – it seems like GoNews is definitely a keeper!

Video Review By SBSH:

SBSH GoNews Touch Product Page

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