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Bolle compact printer for the iPhone

bolleiphoneprinterIf you are looking for a great Christmas gift idea for the iPhone owner in your life then why not consider the Bolle BP-10 Photo Printer for the iPhone? This compact printer docks your iPhone and charges it while you print 4X6 photographs for your friends, family or even for your own photo album.  The Bolle iPhone printer will cost you £119.99 ($163.17 USD) and can be purchased from Mobile Fun.

Thanks Natalie!

Here’s more on the Bolle BP-10 iPhone printer:

Why Buy?

  • Print photo’s directly from your iPhone
  • Charges your iPhone when docked
  • 4 x 6" (A6) photo printing with easy Handling
  • Select different partitions to add multiple images to one picture
  • Print off multiple copies
  • Compact and reliable design

Capture picture perfect moments and then print them off with the Bolle BP-10 Printer with iPhone Dock.

The printer provides full size 4 x 6 inch photographs so you can keep your memories safely stored in frames or on your wall. Bolle provide a free app, which can be downloaded directly from the iTuens store, just simply download and install the Bolle Photo app to select photos from your iPhone album or take a brand new photo using the application.

Bolle BP-10 Photo Printer - iPhone

Slot your iPhone into the dock, choose your picture which you want to print then click the print button. This printer and dock even re-charges your iPhone whilst its printing. The photo’s come out quickly and in an amazing quality. The is also settings to change the partitions to get multiple photo’s on one page so you can create a passport style picture. There is even an option to print multiple copies, up to 4, incase you need to print off more than 1 of the same photo.

Bolle BP-10 Photo Printer - iPhone

The Bolle Photo provides an excellent solution to iPhone users who want to get hardcopies of their photographs immediately and recharge the iPhone at the same time.