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Infinity Blade II gets updated

The best keeps getting better. Infinity Blade for the iPhone and iPad were an immediate success and won award after award. Infinity Blade II surpassed the bench mark of it’s processor with amazing game play and graphics, plus a great story line. The great thing about the Infinity Blades Series is it’s ability to add more content and grow, keeping players glued to their iPhone or iPad. And that is what we have for you today! Chair Entertainment, the makes of Infinity Blade II have released and update to Infinity Blade II to version 1.1! ClashMob, the social battle mode of Infinity Blade II allows you to play with others and even recruit friends and team up in MyMob. There is tons of new stuff too for the single player with new weapons and an all new Gem Forge. If you think that is amazing, the best news is yet to come as Infinity Blade II will be getting yet another update and expanding the single player campaign with new challenges and enemies! If you thought that you would fight these new enemies with your old weapons think again. New Weapons and items to master will also be included! I know I can’t wait!

Head on over to iTunes and update right now and if you have not purchased Infinity Blade II for some reason, then check out the special they have for $4.99! Head on over to iTunes now with the speed of startled gazelles and get this game!

What’s New in Version 1.1

NEW CONTENT PACK! Infinity Blade II: ClashMob™!
– Jump into the all-new, globally social battle mode: ClashMob, featuring dynamic challenges that will test your strategic mettle.
– Recruit friends and team up together in MyMob and earn special perks as well as unlock new achievements & rewards!
– Upgrade your weapons by crafting the most powerful gems available in the all-new Gem Forge.
– More than two dozen new weapons, magic rings, gems and equipment to collect, wield and master.
– Fully supporting iOS 5.1, with gameplay enhancements and updates for overall optimized gameplay.
– All for free! Infinity Blade II is now better than ever!
COMING SOON: Expanded single-player campaign with new challenges, enemies, and items to master!

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