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Bose Files Patent Lawsuit Against Beats

Apple looks to be facing more patent infringement lawsuits with their newest acquisition Beats Electronics Inc. Apple, which purchased Beats for $3 billion making Dr. Dre The first billionaire hip-hop mogul faces a tough time against headphone giant Bose. Bose, that claims to have 30 years of research and development as well as millions of dollars invested have over 36 patents on their noise cancellation technology.

In a lawsuit filed in Delaware, Bose is seeking an injunction and against Beats. Bose also files a complaint with the International Trade Commission because of Beats infringing on one or more of their patents.

“We are committed to protecting our investment, protecting our customers, and defending the patents we own,” said Bose representative Carolyn Cinotti in a statement.

Apple is no stranger to lawsuits so we will keep you posted on how this contest of litigation plays out.

Via Fortune