Keyboard-PugPerhaps the biggest conundrum for Android users is weighing the one-handed convenience of Swype against the God-like prediction muscle of SwiftKey, wishing, longing, yearning for a soft keyboard that has the power of both. Well it’s taken forever but SwiftKey is fixin’ to deliver just that, calling it Swiftkey Flow, currently in semi-private beta (I’m hoping by writing an article they’ll hook me up – you never know).

Here, watch the damn promo video:

Yes I realize most of you are using Windows Phone and Surfaces and that Swiftkey isn’t on your markets, at least not yet, but now that you’re here why don’t you help each other out and recommend some Swiftkey or Swype alternative soft keyboards to your stock keyboard? Same with you, iOS folks, what’s good out there? ;)

Doug Simmons


  1. Yeah love swipe, haven’t tried swift key even though I bought it. I have been using the new 4.2 keyboard for the past few days and its not bad.

  2. There is a Swype rip off app on the App Store for iPhone. It is a complete POS. it is actually called Swipe but suckers buyers by using Skype in the title. Seriously Apple? It has a horrendous review rating. I think there is a jailbreak version on Cydia but since there is no jailbreak for iOS 6 on an iPhone 5 I can’t confirm.

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