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Brandon Foy: From Sick Windows Phone Ad To Microsoft Employee

Brandon Foy put together a few fan made Windows Phone ads but if you watched them you probably thought they were professionally produced. In fact Microsoft had said that if he hit 200,000 views they’d air it on tv. It’s at 150k but that doesn’t matter. Just take a look if you missed these because you know the punch line already – Microsoft just hired him:

And here’s the longer one that shows more apps and helps to dispel the myth that WP7 is missing apps (even though I’d love to see this revised with Mango and all of the recent releases).

He certainly has an eye for this stuff because the ads he created are a guide fir Microsoft to use. It’ll be exciting what he brings both in terms of marketing and overall aesthetics to Microsoft but this is a great pickup all around. Now when re they going to get those Chevron guys in house?

via LiveSide.Net