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Breaking News: FAA Finally Allows Expanded Use Of Gadgets On Planes

FAA This could not make me any happier to announce! Finally the FAA has changed their position on use of computers, tablets and smart phones on on airplanes! The FAA has determined that it is now safe to use the above mentioned gadgets during takeoff and landing as long as certain safety criteria has been met. There will still be a 10,000 ft no radio use (cellular, wifi or bluetooth) and your devices will have to be switched to airplane mode during this time. Also, laptops because of their size will have to be stowed. It is unclear if we will be able to use our own internet service above 10K or just have access to the ridiculously slow and expensive onboard WiFi service from providers like GoGo.

Of course the implementation will depend on the airlines getting their flight attendants trained on this new expansion of persona device freedom.I don’t look for the American Airline or Delta flight attendants to give up their coveted control of passengers so easily. I will beam with great happiness informing them that their reign of terror and control has been reduced. Thank you FAA! It took you long enough!

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