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Brikk $11,000 iPhone 5 Bumper?

Well then, the things people do to get a little signal around here. If you’ve got more than a few dollars laying around, and you’re use to the same old thing time and time again, may iRecommend the most insecure way to spend $11,000 (did you see what I did just there?) According to the folks over at idownloadblog, an undisclosed amount of your purchase will be sent to help staving kids in Africa? Why not just buy a proper phone and send the $10,700 over to the kids in the first place? Oh, because that’s not how things work in iWorld.

It comes in the traditional yellow gold, a new and hot for the spring “pink” gold, a yellow gold satin for your afternoon delight and finally, a platinum, which would go nicely with your hip-hop outfit during studio time. I’m all for the flashy, but this just comes off as a tad bit ridiculous.  But hey, its your money, more ridiculousness here.