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BT Tracking Devices All The Rage On Kickstarter

Just a few days ago I posted a neat little BT tracking device that would make life easier for my family called PebbleBee. Today I was sent a heads up that there is another similar device on Kickstarter that is remarkably the same and doing quite well as it too as surpassed it’s goal of $45K with $73,664 already. It has almost 1500 backers as well. XY says that the average person spends 10 minutes a day looking for lost things so it is scary to think of how much time I lose a day tracking down the crap I don’t keep up with very well.

How it Works

The XY app listens to nearby Bluetooth LE signals.  When the app finds a new tag, it checks our servers see what information about the tag is available to you.  If you are not permitted to see the tag, it will not show up on your list. 

1) Find-It: By activating Find-It mode, you can track any tag that is within range of your phone.  The on-screen indicator will show you as you get closer to the tag, and will help you find your misplaced item. If the item is not within range, the app will show you where it was seen last.

2) Keep-It:  For anything you want to ensure is always by your side, you can activate Keep-It mode, and your phone will alert you if you move out of range of the tag.  In Keep-It mode, you will never leave something important behind again.

3) Lost-It:  You can mark any tag as lost right from the app. Once it has been set as lost, XY will alert other users if they come across the item, or can just tell you where the item was just seen. 

Affordable enough for your keys. Secure enough for everything that matters

The two most important things we have been working on during the development of XY are Security and Affordability.  We believe that it is of the utmost importance that any item you use to keep track of your things is secure.  To keep your items safe, we utilize a rotating cipher to keep the information about your tag secure.  The only people who will be able see your tags are the ones that you have given permission. 

We also believe that it is very important to keep the price of each unit as low as possible, so you can afford to keep track of all the things that matter. We have been talking to many different manufacturers, and can effectively keep the price of the units down by purchasing a large volume of components. This inventory requirement is the single biggest reason we need your help. 


XY uses Bluetooth LE technology, and is compatible with iOS7 devices, as well as Android devices that are equipped with Android version 4.3 and above. 

The XY

Tag comes in a variety of colors as well. head on over to the Kickstarter page for the XY Tags for more information. It looks like absent minded people like me are going to be very happy with range of new BT devices to help us keep track of our stuff. Roll out on the XY Tag is looking good on 3/24.